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P: DM55 GAS engine

Prodajem bemzinac DM55,  55ccm, ispravan 

DM55 55cc 2-Stroke Gas Engine w/ CDI

Bore x stroke: 45 x 35mm  
Piston displacement: 55.665cc  
Max. power: 5.5HP/7,500rpm 6800RPM-22x10 2 blade wood prop 
Min. idle rotating speed: 1400rpm 
Rotate Speed: 1,400rpm-9,000rpm 
Compression ratio: 7.5:1 
Electronic ignition-CDI
Spark plug: NGK CM-6 style 
Carburetor: Walbro choke type/diaphragm 
Start mode: Anticlockwise Push Prop Start 
Dimensions: 195 x 140 x 210mm 
Weight: 1.490kg